Monday, 24 October 2011


Yesterday after pulling my hair out at the amount of toys we have in this house, (and it's only been a year!) I decided to make a soft boat for all of Casper's stuffed animals. I used an old woollen blanket and some bendy wire things from a baby jungle gym that we were given. The pattern was fairly simple to draw up and I made it while Casper was sleeping. I was going to put in a lining, but decided against the extra work as the wool is thick and strong enough by itself. So I added binding instead.
It holds all of the soft toys with a bit of room for some more! And Casper loves rocking the boat and climbing in and out of it.
I added a mast with two flags just in case any other ships pass by.


  1. ahhhhhh! this is the cutest, ruby!

  2. I just found your blog while searching google for honeycomb quilts and I came across your blog. You make such cute things! I am really impressed!! Love the ark such a good idea!

  3. this is SUCH a great idea. I am feeling the same about the preschooler's soft toys. he really does have an extraordinary amount as he snaffles off his older brothers toys and even my old toys from my childhood that live in my cupboard PLUS all his own. Gah! But this boat is genius!