Saturday, 14 January 2012

Fair Isle Toddler Pants

A friend of mine was giving a whole lot of her clothes to the opp shop and told me I could take anything I wanted, which is a very dangerous thing to say!

So I was restrained and took only a few things, one item being a fair isle vest that I immediately saw turning into a pair of pants and a matching hat for Casper.

Let me just say having a toddler and trying to take half-decent photos of clothes you make is almost impossible. See it goes like this...

You start in the garden so they can play and look cute in front of a nice backdrop.

Then they start getting dirty and rolling dead bugs into their clothes. So you take them inside.

A tantrum ensues, they really weren't finished with the bugs. Luckily this is a good angle for bum-detail pictures.

Still angry but wanting something to play with, they get up.

Crawl into every dark corner imaginable.

Climb the couch.

Unclimb the couch.

And find a book on the floor- just in time for a detail shot.

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