Friday, 16 March 2012

Hand Painted Shoes

I have wanted floral Dr. Martens for ages, but they are pretty pricey. So I figured I could probably paint my own, right? 
I looked up some tutorials on the internet, but none seemed to have enough pictures and information. So I gathered what knowledge I could, and set about painting a test pair of shoes.
They totally worked, didn't they? I mean I have worn them a bit and they have cracked in the obvious places, but they still look cool. Which is why, when I have time I will make a tutorial with a real pair of Docs and everybody can have their own hand painted shoes! 
The car in the photos is my Dad's, it's a 1960 Holden FB and he's been driving it since 1982. 

And because you can't write a post about something blue without acknowledging Casper's baby blues. Sigh, he's bluetiful.


  1. LOVE THE SHOES! And your next pair won't crack if you prep them first and use the right paints. I am a shoe painting fanatic and there's info on this on my site, Sassy Feet. Did a YouTube video on painting shoes, too, under the name DIYsassyfeet.

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