Sunday, 30 December 2012

Lil' Gang Jacket

appliquéd a picture of Casper the Friendly Ghost onto a little denim jacket yesterday for Caspy to wear when he wants to feel tuff. I think it's adorable- it looks like he's in a trikey gang.

I will be putting a tutorial up in the new year sometime so everybody can make their own little gang jackets!


  1. Oh he is such a cool dude! How old is he? i thought maybe 18 months? but hard to tell at this age. It looks like you had a great feast for Christmas day too. mel x

  2. He turned 2 in October, but he's kinda small for his age. It's funny because he was SUCH a gigantic baby and then at some point he just plateaued which is kinda funny because that jacket is a size 2 and I think it will only properly fit him in a year or more!

  3. Haha how fab! All he needs is a miniature hat of some sort, I can't decide if he's more Grease or Bugsy Malone!