Thursday, 3 January 2013

Canadian Tuxedo

I made these overalls for Casper on New Year's Eve, I always feel this surge of creativity right before the clock ticks over. I used to make myself a dress every New Year's, but I haven't had the time since Caspy was born.

I made the pattern using a pair of his pants as a guide and just freestyled it. They took me about 45 minutes to whip up, although they are pretty lazily sewn- unfinished seams and all. The fabric has bears, moose, lanterns and canoes printed on it (who knew the plural of moose was 'moose')? I used two different sizes of ric-rac in black and brown for trim. I have named this outfit "Casper's Canadian Tuxedo" as technically he is Quebecois by conception.

I took these photos on the 1st, but only had time to upload the photos now because I have been partying for three days straight. 
 Looking forward to a wonderful 2013!


  1. Love your work. I too get bursts of creative inspiration between 10 pm and midnight, anytime. And I also make things up as I go. mel x

  2. Oh he is the most gorgeous little man! I love boys in overalls! He looks very old school... If I had a little boy they are what he would wear :) You are one clever lady Ms Ruby.

    Sophie xo

  3. Look at that outfit- he is adorable!! Such a lovely blog too, by the way. xx

  4. bwahaha - those are amazing. I love the fabric (and am still laughing at quebecois by conception)

    Here's to freestyling kiddo clothes!