Thursday, 27 June 2013


Yesterday we drove up to see my Dad in Castlemaine, where he is in the planning stage of house building. We spent a beautiful hour on his block hanging out in the fresh cream painted caravan, checking out the newly wood panelled bus, running around and exploring, then we drove into town for dinner. On our drive, Casper was really sick so we ended up driving back to Melbourne last night, which was really disappointing as I was anticipating a day spent on the block. Then I remembered that we took some photos a few weeks ago when we went up and I hadn't blogged about them yet.

I am pretty rusty at this, I have even found it difficult lately to keep up with the 52 project, but I'm looking forward to catching up a bit over the winter break at least before next semester starts and I stop updating so much again!

Castlemaine glows pink. That's the colour of the dust and the sky and the houses and the cars. It makes me want to paint all day. The bus looks so great in her new home, she's going to get a little pot-bellied stove and some windows and then we will be able to go up and sleep there under the stars. Dad sanded back some of the silver paint to see what colours had been there before and he revealed some really amazing layered colour underneath. The little caravan from 1959 has had a new lick of paint and will be such a cozy place to stay soon. I am going to keep a tab on the block/bus/house/caravan here just so that I can look back when it's all finished and see how far we've come. 

I hope to have some tutorials, recipes and new posts up soon. Lots to show and tell!


  1. Oh that gorgeous cheeky cheeky little face. He is so cute! Love all the colours in the bus! mel x

  2. He's adorable in that beanie!
    Love the sanded back colours too - very pretty

  3. He is the cutest and coolest little boy. And that bus is stunning. Wow. x