Friday, 16 August 2013

Self Portrait with Birthmark

I painted this self-portrait last week, I always work quickly and I completed the painting over two sittings. I love the viscous texture and buttery warmth of the paint, my hand free and working fast.

 I have shown myself here for the first time with my birthmark on display. Perhaps it is for the choreography of colour that I find this painting so worthy of thought and discussion. This is where the truth becomes fantastical, where a cluster of blood cells, raised in passionate formations on my face becomes worthy of storytelling. 

Sometimes it takes courage to paint the truth and even more to explain yourself. I am glad that I can do that now. I feel like I am reaching a new point in my practice, moving on to some bigger and better stuff.

1 comment:

  1. I think it is quite beautiful! I've never been able to paint a self-portrait but had the children in my care (I taught preschool for many years) do self-portraits almost monthly. I think it is telling that something so simple like drawing/painting ourselves can be so complicated the older we get. Wonderful painting and wonderful self-care exercise. I may just have to get the courage to do it myself. :)