Sunday, 23 February 2014


This morning was one of the first cold mornings of the year. I felt excited as I sipped my coffee, thinking about the year ahead- the last year of my degree, Casper's first year of Kindergarten. One thing that I have been thinking about all Summer is making Casper some bigger clothes before I get bogged down by assignments and grant applications. I am not a big fan of buying clothes new, I never have been. I also have a stack of fabric and a sewing machine that beckons. 

So this morning before the sun started warming us up, I started cutting and measuring. Before I knew it, I had re-threaded the overlocker and I was making some powder blue corduroy overalls. My favourite thing about sewing is the combination of careful planning and spontaneous decision making that leaves me without any idea of how things will eventuate. Casper sat on the floor sorting bakelite buttons and crawling around my feet to find long lost toy cars under the cutting table.

They turned out perfectly, if not a bit Pippi Longstockings. There is a bit of room to grow (next time I'll make the legs a bit longer) and they are a good conversation starter on the playground. Maybe I'll make another pair tomorrow.


  1. He's so cute! I miss my kids at this age. It's so fun. When my boys were little I used to thrift clothes for them. You did great sewing the overalls for him. Xo,

  2. Wow, kindergarten already?! He is so sweet. And I adore a boy in overalls. These are very cute!