Thursday, 23 April 2015


I've been going through my archives and deleting drafted posts that are years old and not really compelling or relevant- but I couldn't delete this one... Look at him! Would you, could you delete that face? How did that come from me? I suppose most parents ask that question from time to time, like when their kids say really smart/hilarious things or do something adorable. Like that time Casper told me that Earth is in space (true) and that we are aliens (also true).

I feel like I should write these things down because I will forget them and also so that I leave an indelible mark on the internet in Casper's name which certainly won't come back and bite me on the arse when his highschool friends find baby photos and anecdotes about him plastered all over this blog!

I guess all I came here to say was that I made a cute baby and don't you forget it (I also made his overalls).

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