Sunday, 4 May 2008

Oh God!

Let's begin by saying, I keep on seeing a 20 centime coin on my floor and, thinking it is a juicy gold one-dollar, I dive to the floor yelling "MINE" and snatch it up. Then I realise that actually I haven't just increased my overall net-wealth, I have in fact been made a fool of. Sometimes, I think of fashion in the same way. People see something that they want without being sure of why they want it, they then dive in, head first. With the aesthetic interests of this blog in mind, I am not going to post any pictures of the monstrosities that frequent many fashion blogs daily- I will simply say that I don't like what I am seeing.
I am absolutely disappointed with my generation- obviously we have proven that these days not only do you have to have a lot of money to look as though you don't have a lot of money but that comfort and style do not go hand in hand (although I can't see how or why jeans slung half-way down one's thighs can be bearable).
I am so sick of seeing horrible girls who (by the way) snickered at me for wearing lovely old dresses at fourteen, now wearing old dresses with revolting shoes and mullet hair-styles!!! (and calling themselves VINTAGE)
EVERYONE just, pull up your trousers, cut your rattails off, pare it down please! For the sake of humanity and for the aesthetics of our city streets!
That is my negativity out of the way- I am too tired to think, and maybe a tiny bit grumpy after four days of hard-core work.
The picture at the top is a photo that Ricky sent me from Germany. I think she's just a great old gel.

This is a paper-puppet I made for my brother last year on his birthday, the eyes, ears and mouth move. Just like a real baby!
Speaking of REAL babies, I will give a little behind-the-scenes view of a ventriloquist puppet I made last year. Living with her is like having a stuffed three-year old sitting across from your bed and staring at you all night long with her deadpan gaze.
Enjoy the inside of her head!

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