Monday, 26 May 2008


I just bought a one-way ticket to New York, because I am moving to Montreal to study Fine Art.
I just wrote it- but I can't believe it! I am going to stay with my friend, Celine in her apartment and then catch the train to Montreal a few days later.
I feel really sad about leaving my friends and family, and that sadness was really compounded when I celebrated my nineteenth birthday on Saturday. I think that it will be the one of the biggest most amazing things that will happen in my life and I'm not surprised I have mixed feelings about it.
Last night I went to a viewing of America's Next Top Hoe, which is a project my friend Sam Cremean has been working on for a good chunk of this year. It was really hilarious and wonderfully layered- I can't wait until Sam is a successful director, maybe even achieving the same recognition as that boy from the creek, Dawson Leery. Well, at least he can dream.
A notable performance last night was from Andrew Truong, who donned an oily black wig and became a woman (with great legs) for art's sake. His character's heart-breaking decision to leave the house was probably one of the best examples of dramatic finesse that I have seen for a long time.
Look it up on YouTube, because I have forgotten how to link. I guess you can't teach an old dog new tricks.


  1. wow wow wow! this is so exciting, and i am incredibly pleased for you + proud of you ruby. keep me posted. i wrote you a letter months ago and it is still sitting on my desk, looking at me. but i won't send it yet, in case you're not in australia when it arrives. xox

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