Sunday, 1 June 2008

wrapped in plastic

This is a picture of my disgusting ventriloquist dummy's head. I made a body as well, but I only took photos of the head-as it is fully operational. Her eyes move from side to side and her mouth opens and shuts (if you are willing to stick your hand into the back of her head).
I made her with silicone and lots of other things, pink silk eyelids, brown wool for hair, ridiculous suede eyebrows. I really like her, but that is only because she's practically my first born child. I know that she is deranged looking, and I have set her up for a life of people telling her that she has a warm personality, but with a face like that, how could you develop a cold one?

1 comment:

  1. i love this head. i am presently creating my own ventriloquist puppet (they don't like it when you call them dummies)
    i am interested in how you constructed it. it is covered in fabric? i am using papier mache (sp?)
    your doll is much nicer. i suppose i will have to build a few before i get it right. can you post more info/photos of your ventriloquist puppet. it really is very good!