Monday, 9 June 2008

Birthday Box

A Christmas dress for my Mum's favourite childhood doll, Sasha. I think that they are worth quite a bit of money, actually. She always looked very cold without any clothes on, so I made this out of some scraps from a dress that I made for my Theatre Studies Monologue last year.

This is a book-box-bag that I made when I was sixteen? or seventeen? Anyway, it was in year 11. I made it using an old cardboard book of farmyard animals and I punched holes in it and sewed the squares together using blue ribbon.
The lining is some flowers with a black background and the clasp is from a blue vinyl 60s beauty case that was so broken that I couldn't use it anymore.
The handle is from a square bucket that had slugs in it.

This is my most recent dress- a birthday dress made from delicious floral cotton. I made it by tracing a shirt onto paper, and then altering it as I sewed. I finished it with some shocking pink velvet ribbon and some buttons that I cut off a couch in the street when I was fifteen.


  1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by again, yes the zip nearly had me beat, not sure I have mastered it yet but I am getting there! When are you off on your adventure?

  2. First of all thanks for your commenting on my blog. Yours is verry nice too.
    And your dress is verry cute, i love it!

  3. You sort of look like a doll, very lovely! I adore your hair--it looks so shiny and long.

  4. Book Box = genius! You need to track down some Little Golden Books and make some more of these for people to use as storage containers.

  5. love the box. what a fun idea. i will have to try it the next time the kids go to a birthday party. it would make for good gift wraping and also be a keepsake.