Monday, 2 June 2008

Don't smoke in bed

Never tried it, but it's the name of a Peggy Lee song and also I was very upset when I found some stale cigarette butts in my pale pink bakelite smoking table that is never supposed to be used for it's original purpose! Also, I didn't even have a glass ashtray in the little bulby-bit! It was bare and gaping, ready to be defiled by any wandering hand, with pinched cigarette!
My wrists really hurt because I was working for da weekend. As in working the entire weekend. BUT I got to go to cocktail school and learn all these neat little drinks, so now when I get to Qu├ębec, I will waltz into a bar and say "Gimme the best job you got!" and they'll say, "Why, you look tougher than a 65 cent steak and we'd be pleased if you would be our barmaid."
And I'll sparkle and shine and do a little dance like our good friend Josephine Baker, you know. I don't remember where I got the picture from, I am trying to be a good blogwriter and not spoil things by using images without credit where credit is due, but it is incredibly difficult, it seems!
Okay, so I am absolutely ridiculously at the moment pro---crastinating because I really do have to go and do a little bit of housework, or chores if you will, so if you don't mind I'll just begin to end this post by finishing my sentence, it shouldn't take too long...
Maybe I'll just go on a healthful walk instead.

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