Saturday, 7 June 2008


Here are some things I have made.

A beret-scarf combination. I made the beret from a tiny kid's pattern and the scarf is my own design.
I like them because they just go so well with my house, you know!

A sock monkey for my brother- I also made a chocolate brown monkey, but I gave it to a baby called Sylvie who moved to Byron Bay at the beginning of the year.
He's still in pretty good form after six months of Ownership By Sebe. Although he looks a bit surprised at the camera flash!

This is a letter-jacket inspired cardigan that I knitted. It is my first cardigan and I started off using a pattern, but as always I strayed so far from the path I couldn't find my way out of the woods, so I just built a little cabin and lived there forever.
I really loved knitting the "R" part on the pocket. My tension was awful and it is crooked, but that pocket is certainly not bereft of character!
Also, do you like my walls? My Dad painted every single unicorn by hand, they go all the way around my room, which is L-shaped, so it covers more wall than the average bear.

And now I have to go to work. And it's not my nice job, where I don't want to leave and I love everyone and I get to be a bartender! NO! It's my shit job where I am the youngest and everyone is mean to me and money-hungry. Where they change the times on my timesheet so that it looks as though I have done one hour less of work. I'm pretty sure that's illegal!
But tomorrow morning I get to wake up early and go to my nice job again and see everyone in St. Kilda wake up! 
Sebe just made me a soundtrack for my train journey. He sat in his room for an hour recording all of these songs on his guitar!!! He's the coolest.


  1. Love your knitted things, and I really like your sock monkey!

  2. you are an excellent knitter!!! and ohh my i can't imagine painting that many unicorns! your dad is a man of strenght!. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. please know that i have moved to

  3. The sock animal is amazing - you're onto a winner there for sure. Forget Beanie Kids - the little tykes would wet their pants over the chance to collect the whole set of Sock Kids!

  4. I really like the beret! And I love that sock monkey :) :)