Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Mes Parents

Here is a picture of Me and my little babies. Humphrey and Sebe have been submitted to years of torture- just look how tight my grip on Sebe's collar is- and what on earth is that orange plastic thing???! It looks like I am about to gouge out one of his eyes, luckily he is wearing those stylish safety goggles.

This is the most genius thing I have ever done and will ever do. I remember so well drawing these portraits of my parents in their bed in winter. I would have been pretty young,  judging by both of my parent's hairstyles, maybe eight? The weird thing is, that I drew each portrait on one side of the paper- now they will never get lost. 

This speaks for itself;

Who told me to put a crucifix up there? It's really creepy how it sort of sways... it looks like it's going to crush that lion!


I love this- actually I remember all of these things so well, especially the lizard, which was stuffed and flaky and I always used to close my eyes and squint them open to see if it was really alive and just pretending to be dead- you know how that happens sometimes?

                                                I LOVE   "please read this mum and dad!!!"


  1. this is jusy so special and the colour of the pen is so vibrant - children are such a joy. xf

  2. Haha I love "speshal things"!! Your portraits are actually better than anything I could draw at 20 years old, which shows my lack of skills!!

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog! Thanks for visiting mine... I'm sure you were a great big sister! I didn't go back to older posts, but do you still draw?

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
    Your drawing skills are incredible compared to mine, even when I am drawing a new pattern it looks like an alien from space.
    Have a lovely day!

  5. These drawings are genius ... I was just cleaning up my parents' house on the weekend (they're moving) and I found my old stash of Picture Plates. So good - I covered everything from family portraiture (a standard) to dinosaurs, Transformers, Voltron, Thomas the Tank Engine and beyond. Kids' drawings are the best.

  6. I think the blog Ben was talking about is Music Haters ( - it's just starting out, but it'll be good when we get some posts up there. Hooray for excessive blogging!

    Writing is fun. I'm actually a designer (like Pat ... and Rick and Ben, for that matter) but to be honest, I like writing this stuff way more than what I do for work at the moment. Imagine getting paid to bag out shit CDS and rant about good ones! That would be insane ... I can dream.

    I've got another blog too (as I said excessive blogging - way too much spare time at work) called Stink Opals. I'm going to scan in some old drawings and stuff and post them there tonight ... Yes yes I am.