Friday, 13 June 2008


I made this when I was sixteen. It was the first dress that I finished. My Mum got the fabric at an Op Shop and it has faded a lot since it was sewn. It was my first attempt at pleating and I made the bodice by pinning the fabric to my shape, which I suppose is some sort of uneducated attempt at draping? I didn't really know what I was doing, but whatever I did seems to have worked! It's a funny dress and I don't wear it very much anymore, but it will always be my first.


  1. You should wear it-its soo cute!!

  2. What a lovely dress, I wish I had dressmaking skills but sadly I don't.

  3. Hey raspberry spread! Or should I say tomato soup? Or perhaps even a delicious relish?!?
    Look Ruby. I like your crimson body suit, and whatever conserve or vegetable I choose to associate with it is immaterial.
    I'm getting bad-ass-alley-way vibes from this picture. And I like it.
    I am in fact a very busy person and have to go to the supermarket now to buy some chocolate to keep my mouth shut while I watch MASCULINFEMININ!
    My choice of the evening is Club Noir (cherry)(high cocoa premium dark chocolate with cherry pieces).

    I love you Ruby (trulymadlydeeply)
    Love Anonymous Zoe x
    PS: Keep it real.
    PPS. Sorry about this 'comment'. I need attention

  4. woww you're very talented, making all these dresses!

  5. This is such a lovely dress! Love all the red too!

  6. tes vetements sont generallement mignons, mais j'aime particulierement le rouge - bien que la robe soit naturellement tres jolie aussi, ma cherie! moi, je n'ai jamais essayé de fair le type de couture que tu mentionnes - il me semble que ce soit trop difficile...

    bises bises bises
    je sais que je te dois un e-mail, je te l'écrirai demain. xox

  7. First dress? It looks sooooo good! You are such a talented girl! When I was sixteen, I can hardly sew! The fabric and the cut are just so sweet and cute! And it fits beautifully xx

  8. It's very cute! Haha, I used my body as a dress form too for the first things I made, not the easiest thing to do!

  9. When I was sixteen I was still scratching dicks into the windowsills at high school with a steel ruler - this dress is much more impressive!

  10. Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment! I LOVE your sweet and wonderful little secrets! When I was a kid I used to squirrel away found treasures in boxes full of dried flower petals. It was so magical to treasure random little things like that. I think you might have just inspired me to try it again. :)

  11. Alex still is scratching dicks in to windowsills or desks or whatever he can scratch. Nice job Ruby. Hope things are well for you!