Sunday, 22 June 2008

So Long!

I am going to the seaside tomorrow with my family. It's our last family holiday together before I leave for Montreal, which is weird for me because we go on so many trips each year. It's the end of an era!

What is better than drawing in the mud when you are waiting for the tram?

When you make a skirt for your mum and she doesn't want to take it off. these days!


  1. have a fantastic time!! the skirt is lovely!!

  2. hooray! send me an email at amde0025 AT gmail DOT com and i'll give you our contact details here in Washington.

    x Amelia

  3. Have a lovely time. Your mum's skirt is cute! You are incredibly talented.

  4. Sweet look. Have fun by the sea, I would like to go with my family!

  5. Great job on the skirt Ruby. You must tell your mother to join up to our Uncommonly Fetching Mamas group on Flickr.
    Have a wonderful time away, I'm sure you'll have loads of lovely pictures for us on your return.
    XXX Super Kawaii Mama XXX

  6. Well done, Ruby! The skirt is beautiful! Have a great trip and look forward to your pictures xxxxxxxxxx

  7. have a lovely time at the sea. i love your mum's skirt i would have a hard time taking it off if it were mine too. such pretty fabric.

  8. Hi from Paris stylish Ruby

    what is important is not the outfit but the smile
    your outfit is not sophisticated but your smile enhance it. it shows that you are confident and that what girl want to feel : being confident with simplicity

    I try to find time to alert stylish blogs and friends like you that the Paris fashion week is over : alléluia ! and that i just posted a best of fashion week shoes that could inspire you.
    Please don't collapse ! lol
    i hope you'll like

    i've been proposed to create a fashion magazine in Paris as i wrote it in my blog (lots of volunteers ! lol). Let's keep in touch and exchange links !

    I wish you a wonderful day


  9. Ruby, I have awarded you the Brillante Blogger 2008 award. Please see my blog for details.

  10. Ooooh what a cute skirt!