Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Reckless Ruby

"Ruby! You must stop being so Reckless, or we'll wrap you up in cotton wool and only let you out on special occasions!"
That was my favourite quote from a book for most of my childhood. My mum used to put on the BEST voice when she would read that line- I suppose I was pretty lucky having a children's librarian for a mother.
But I always thought that being wrapped up in cotton wool would be really nice, and I never knew why it was a punishment- I think I would quite like it, especially if the wool was a lovely pink like in these pictures from a long time ago.

And this is a picture of my old friend Taylor and I at my birthday diggs. The dress I am wearing is a new one that I made- in fact I have made soooo many dresses and things since I got this blog that I haven't put up. It's not a very descriptive picture of the actual dress, but you get the gist.


  1. Hi Ruby. Thanks so much for the comment you left about my work, I really appreciate it. Wow, I read you are moving to montreal, that is so exciting, I hope you have an amazing time, travel on it's own is a fantastic education. I hope it all works out for you and if you have time for blog land please stop by again.Karen

  2. Hi Ruby, thank you for commenting on my blog! I too have a mother who could read with great voices. My favourite was the Moomin book with Holes. The text was BIG and tiny according to who was speaking, and mom had the most wonderful voices.

  3. Being read to with imagination and theater is one of the great joys of childhood.
    As for recklessness, all of the greatest things in my life have happened through that wonderful motivator in its purest form. Keep making the world your stage.

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