Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Keeping Secrets

I made this book-box when I was seventeen. I know it's not such an original idea- cutting the pages out of a book and using it as a secret box, but I think everyone should try it.
I used the felt that I made with silk and merino wool and glued it all with my favourite friend PVA!

I didn't know what would be fitting for a secret book-box, so I just put a nice deck of cards in there. They are the nicest full-set of cards I have. Sometimes I play patience with them, but I ALWAYS cheat! It's so terrible.

This is a box that I made when I was sixteen. I had bought a little music maker (I actually don't know what they're called!) with a crank that played 'La Vie En Rose'  and I thought that it was so quiet that whenever I played it I would have to hold it really close to my ear. But then one day I discovered that when you put it on a wooden surface it plays louder- It took me ages to figure that out, what with my limited knowledge of acoustics and all.
So then I decided to saw a hole in a cigar box for the crank to stick out of and then I made a little platform out of a Whitlam's Samplers box to conceal the little 'music maker' - if someone could tell me what they are called, I would be eternally grateful.

Do you like my little friends? The snail is a present from Molly and the bird is something I found at my grandparent's house on a dusty mantle piece.


  1. These are so lovely and creative-well done!!

  2. You are so talented and sweet! I never have such a cute thing, but I really want to try now. OK, I gonna find a book tonight... who's the lucky one!

  3. Ah, this is wonderful! I've been dying to do this, but I like all my books too much to cut them up. Should go to a used book store and get something basic...

  4. j'ai toujours projeté de faire cela, mais j'aime les livres trop de les couper comme tu as fais ici!
    aussi, en voyant cette entrée j'ai l'envie de t'envoyer le petit cadeau que je t'ai mentionnée dans mon e-mail récent - tu n'as pas répondre jusqu'à présent, et je ne sais pas si tu préférerais que je le t'envoye maintenent, ou quand tu arrives à Montréal...

    bises bises!

  5. That secret box is so beautiful. I want one. I really do.

  6. These are fantastic - maybe you could make a secret book and put it inside another secret book, just for extra secret-ness!

  7. Oh I just love your secret book-box!

  8. This is adorable. I feel the same way about my room and the things I hide in there.

    I actually collect old cigar boxes like yours. Everytime I find one at the local thrift store my heart jumps with joy.

    Specially because they're usually less than 50 cents.