Thursday, 5 June 2008

Family Portrait

[EDIT] I deleted lots of this post because I am silly and overly dramatic all of the time!

Look at this family portrait, The scanner wouldn't fit the whole thing in, basically it says "Once ther was a dragon called Trevor and he lived with his Wife called Philippa and She lived with her dog Ruby and Trevor had a cat Sebe."

It's pretty nice spelling I think. Also I just remembered that when I was really little I used to think that humans were really ugly- I thought that I was really ugly and I used to wish that i was a dog and that I had a dog's head. I always wanted one of those beards that dogs have, like the soft silvery beards... Haha that's really good! I wish that I still felt like that.
The wagging tail is the best oh and the dog beard definitely comes second.


  1. I won't tell you to shut up because I sometimes feel the way you do, so I can sympathize.
    Pop on over to my blog, that will cheer you up because I am having a mystery box giveaway.

  2. I can completely understand how you feel! I have such a hard time attaching a monetary value to my drawings. I think when I was working in advertising, I just got really tired of having to do it the way others wanted because they were paying for it. I think the best work comes from doing it to please ourselves... and people will see it and attach a value to it. You should be proud of the fact that you're so good someone wants to pay you for your work!! Please don't be like me and hate being paid!!!

  3. hi, thanks for stoping by for a visit. i can't wait to sit for a while and become familiar with your blog. i love all the drawings. it's funny, i don't like the way i draw but when i draw something then see it a while later i like it a whole lot better and think i do draw o.k., i just have my own style. duh. stop by again soon. have a great day