Thursday, 26 November 2009


We went to the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens yesterday. We started off with the penguins and puffins and then saw a beaver making a dam. The gardens were really lovely, there was an alpine rock garden, a Chinese garden, a grove of pines and a greenhouse with a big cacti and succulents section.


  1. Hi there, thank you for stopping by my blog. I need to get used to this overcast/chilly weather as I actually want to move up to Montreal in the near future (I visited in March of 2007 and loved it!). It was snowing when we stopped by the Biodome so the penguins seemed appropriate. :)

  2. you should move here, it's a pretty cool (pun intended) city.

  3. Oh man, you have one of those epic vintage Eaton's coats? They're so Canadiana. Jealous.