Monday, 30 November 2009


I want to run a raffle, but I'm not sure if I have enough people reading this blog to.

The prize will be a paper puppet and a little sewn something and a love-letter from me.

Basically if you want to be in the running, comment on this post with a small story about your favourite toy from childhood, and in a week or so I will put everyone's names in a hat and draw a winner.

Then I will send the parcel to the winner.

Ready... Steady... Go!


  1. oh that's so cute !
    uhm my favourite childhood toy was my little stuffed dog that i got when i was two, and which i still have.
    i named him/her rocky, and i chewed off the red felt tongue and one of the ears has fallen off.
    once i left him at a hotel and i was devastated, until they sent him home to me :)

  2. aw, i hope you get enough people, this giveaway seems extra special.

    Favorite childhood toy... hm? I had a lot of stages with cabbage patch kids and sally secrets and stuff (lol) but the one I remember most is the stuffed animal I carried as a toddler. They were called Squiggles (I had two for some reason), and they were basically stuffed caterpillars with a little wiring in the body. silly little things, but i couldn't live without them on my shoulders! i still have my Squiggles somewhere and plenty of photos with them too.

  3. Hey Ruby love your blog! My favorite toy as a child was Thumper, a stuffed rabbit that had his eyes eaten off by one of my dogs. I still loved him afterwards though.

  4. My favorite childhood toy was a wooden horse my grandfather chipped out of a piece of wood. It meant so much because he made it himself and I could tell how much effort and detail he had put in it :)

  5. i had a little mechanical yappy dog that did flips and a family of china dolls that i snuck out of the house, across the road and into the woods for adventures. but books were probably my real favourite.

  6. Oh my, what a beautiful dress and photos! You look gorgeous!! :)

  7. Oh, I'm so glad I checked in on your blog today! My favourite childhood toy, which I still have with me today (I'm now 48!) is a koala bear, called Kaali, that my dad brought back from a trip to London when I was a baby. I lived in England then and I've no idea why he chose a koala bear, but it was always my favourite and went everywhere with me. It was alternately a he and a she when I was little, depending on what clothes I dressed it in. Mostly it wore a little yellow dress that my gran knitted for it. Kaali now lives with me in Arizona and sits naked with all my other "toys".

  8. By the way, my dog's name is Ruby. That's why I like your blog so much! She has her own blog at

  9. hey Ruby darling, My favorite toy was a 70's orange and white shaggy bear. He had a mild but kind of surprised expression and he smeeld lkke lemon washing detergent. I still have him 35 years on. He is grubby, still surprised and still smells like my Mum's care. I love your blog, so many sweet treats.
    Amanda Wilson-Sager