Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Penny Dress

I made this dress the other night out of some material that I bought when I was sixteen and brought with me to Canada because I had always loved it!

It is called the Penny Dress because I was having trouble making the bodice fit properly at the bust, so I tried tying a penny (like when you make tie-dyed fabric) in the centre of the bodice and it worked amazingly!

I drafted the pattern myself and made the collar from an old napkin and some incredible lace from the 1930s that I also bought in Australia.

It snowed yesterday and the mountain is sporting a fine white blanket!


  1. Hey thanks a lot for your sweet comment! I followed you btw : )
    I'd love it if you followed too
    as it seems You have a great style!Congrats!

  2. lovely!! the fabric is so pretty and you did a great job :)

  3. What a sweet dress! You're so clever making this!

  4. This is a stunning dress and the penny just makes it so orthentic.

    you have a cute blog and I'll eb sure to be popping by more often

    lots of blogging hugs and kisses