Sunday, 18 December 2011

Bombshell Bikini

Here is a high-waisted bikini that I designed for myself and my shop! It is made with a nice matte black Lycra and is really comfy and flattering. On a whim I added ric-rac to the band along the bust and neckline. I think it's a winner! 
I sewed it without the use of elastic as I have found with swimsuits in the past that elastic seems to disintegrate with time. So I have used a banding technique which I think is far superior and much more comfortable.
The bust is supportive and cone-shaped to achieve a classic silhouette. I have actually worn this top as a bra before. I just love these. I swam in them at the beach last night, it was a blisteringly hot day. But right now it's raining- I am wearing a cardigan and drinking tea.

Photos by Steve.

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  1. That swimsuit is seriously amazing! Still can`t believe you made it yourself! Amazing! You`re gorgeous!