Sunday, 18 December 2011

Velvet Bathers

I know what you're thinking- "Is she crazy?" Well, yes I am. I also know my dance fabrics, and I know that these bathers/playsuit are perfect for the beach.
How cool are they? I am very happy with the finished product. I will now be embarking on a new adventure of colours and textures with the same pattern, there might even be a velvet bikini in the mix! 


  1. Wow. Simply wow. Love the idea, the color, the design - everything!!! I want one just like that!!!


  2. Simply gorgeous! Love the style, the fit and just every single thing about these. You look amazing!

  3. The picture of your post is absoluetly beautifull in all side of ir"s. thanks to you..........

  4. Absolutely love the swimsuit, I never thought velvet would work well in a swimsuit but it truly does, gorgeous end result <3

  5. what a pretty swimsuit.looks amazing