Saturday, 18 February 2012

Tasmania Quilt

I cut out the squares for this patchwork quilt when I was about five months pregnant, and put them away because it seemed like such a daunting task to sew them all together.

Recently while cleaning out my sewing desk, I found the box with all of the cut out squares and decided just to experiment a bit with them. I started sewing rows of six which became squares of 36 and before I knew it, all of the pieces had been sewn up and I had 9 big patchwork squares!

When I placed them on the ground, I realised they would probably sew up into a cot-sized quilt. Which is fine for a little baby, but not quite adequate for an almost-12 kilo toddler.

So I found an old touristy Tasmania tablecloth with Australian animals on it and arranged the squares on that. Although it didn't look right. So I cut the squares into circles and it really worked.

I used this tutorial to make my circles extra perfect and neat.
Although if you wanted the circles with less work, you could use this one.

For the backing, I used some children's curtains I bought a while ago at an op shop, they have Australian and African animals on them... so weird!

I used some leftover squares to make the binding on two edges, it worked really nicely, I'd like to use this technique on some clothing one day.
I hand quilted around the circles and the border with crochet cotton, as it was too thick to machine sew. The thing I love most about this quilt is that I have used most of these fabrics in previous projects and I even made the pink felt when I was seventeen. 
Overall it was an enjoyable and enriching project, and I feel compelled to try something a little bigger next time!

Disclaimer: I have never actually been to Tasmania but I have some very romantic ideas of what it would be like. It seems like such a wild place, with lots of wooly beaches and deep dark woods. Someday I'll go and have an adventure there. 


  1. That quilt is so beautiful! If you would like to share your awesome projects and ideas with similarly themed blogs add your name to the link up tab on my blog!

  2. I really like it, it looks so cozy too.
    I've just come across your blog, love the beetroot fettuccine too!