Monday, 5 November 2012

Car Cake

Yesterday we had a picnic to celebrate the lil' man's birthday. It was such a beautiful sunny day and so many people came to hang out- it was really heartwarming, there are so many people who love him.
We didn't take too many photos, but other people did. Though I did insist that Steve take some pictures of the cake I made, because it had a few run-ins with park dogs and the frosting was looking kind of melty. I made a Casper cake last year and wanted to up the stakes a bit with a car cake this year. I based it on my Dad's car, which is a pink FB Holden. It's a basic chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, marshmallow headlights and oreos with liquorice wrapped around them for the tyres.

The best thing was that it combined Casper's two true loves, cars and cakes.


  1. That cake is so cute! Happy birthday to your little man (what a cute name he has!). Kellie xx

  2. Awesome cake! Very clever! Sounds like a beautiful day x