Saturday, 17 November 2012

Drawing the Domestic

I try to draw whenever I have a spare moment, just to keep a record of the everyday. Looking back at these drawings, (most of them are from this year) it seems like unremarkable moments are the ones I want to keep. I don't usually post my pictures on this blog, but I feel like sometimes there is a blurred line between how I see the world and the way I work in it.

I suppose I have always been a diarist, and always loved the idea of people reading back on my life someday. That's probably also the reason for having a blog, so that there is some chronological record of things that I have bothered to write down and a way of tracking my creative development. Another interest of mine is book binding and although I have never been trained, I make all of my notebooks by hand. 


1 comment:

  1. Oh Ruby those drawings are lovely, I love the ones of your baby son! Gorgeous, those precious moments captured forever. Thanks for finding and follwing my blog! Rachel :)