Saturday, 22 March 2008

Big Baby

Today I went to the market with Sam and Andrew. We also hung around with Laura at Kids in Berlin for a while. Oh we had the best food all day! We got the most beautiful cheese and spinach pastries and spanish doughnuts with chocolate (chocolate con churros). And now I am soooooo full and happy- sitting with a towel wrapped around my head.
The picture above is of a paper puppet I made last year from one of my spare knitting patterns. I called him Big Baby because he cries and his chin wobbles as well.
I am very excited about Autumn, and the wonderful golden leaves on the ground, although it is going to get hotter, it has been pretty cool the past couple of days here.
It is Easter Sunday tomorrow and I am going to the Witch Hats album launch- which is going to be really brilliant (they put on such a good show every time).

&hearts Ruby

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