Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Cartwheel Quilt

Another quilt that I made last year. The girls are screen-printed onto weird hexagon-dancing fabric I got in a Cheltenham op shop. It is machine stitched and hand quilted. The backing is a really crisp white cotton.
It is so hot in Melbourne at the moment, although I think today is meant to be about 30°C - cold compared to the last few days!
I love going to the beach every day- I am lapping it up while I can, as I have applied for about twenty-thousand jobs in the past week. In fact I had to step away from the computer for a second to organize a time for a job interview today.
I went swimming at the beach boxes the other day, and there was a fashion shoot on- for a Winter collection, evidently. I thought all of the clothes were so boring and sooo old news. They were sort of magenta and charcoal drapey knit fabrics with ugly nineties runners. It is so discouraging- the amount of boring designers that break through into the mainstream fashion world. I am very unimpressed with clothes in shops at the moment and it just makes me so happy to know that I can make my own clothes that are original and actually flattering to my figure. I shouldn't be so negative, because there really are some incredible designers and street fashion movements happening. I would LOVE to start a street style blog- maybe even turn this little blog into a part-time one.
I am proud that I have been writing so often- I am such a natural piker that I seem to flake away from everything- even things that are self-made and fun!


  1. oh, i love that quilt so much! and i know just what you mean about boring clothes. i really must make more time for making clothes, for my own are getting rather uninteresting it must be said. but it's so nice that you're writing again, i love reading this blog :)

  2. Hi Ruby, you dont know me, i just followed links and found this! Wanted to know where you got screenprint stuff from? Im in the process of shopping around and looking at what other methods are out there, as opposed to what i've used before. Nice Cheltenham reference, i was there yesterday!

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