Friday, 21 March 2008

Easter Friday

I got a job last Wednesday as a waitress at the Melbourne Aquarium. I worked my first shift last night.
It was an eight hour shift from 4:30pm. I though it would only be for a few hours, as I had planned to see Sebe play at the Espy, but I was on my feet all night! I got home and crawled into bed, only to be pulled out again by Sebe and his band members almost straight away. Apparently it was "the best gig ever" and they even dedicated songs to me (because I had said I would be there).
My bones hurt and my muscles ache, but at least now I can say I've worked a day in my life!
This is a picture I drew a long time ago in 2006- I found it in a book that I made about manners, when I was angry with some very rude people.
It is now the background for the Ships Piano myspace.

&hearts RUBY

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