Tuesday, 7 October 2008

In Between

I always feel like I am in-between things, and right now I am in-between classes.


  1. hey girlfriend im just sitting at your computer and a whole lot of trev and phillipas friends are over for a bbq before they go to see patti smith play. man its pretty dull here nothing new happening except for the awesome ep launch which is sporting some sweet cover work. im disappointed in that photo of you on the bed with that girl because i cant tell if you're wearing a dress or a shirt and shorts but i pray its a dress because the only shorts you should wear are those sexy purple ones that you used to wear around the house. please tell me you still have them or i will be one sad sick puppy.

    love andrew.

    p.s i made this stupid blog just so i could comment yours. seb just went to a party with jack and i bought them some beer and the guy at safeway was all like "hey is this id real and i was all like, cut a brother some slack"
    (none of that story actually happened and was entirely created by andrew truong)except for the part where i bought the beer, that was real.

  2. I know how you feel... except I'm in between pieces of HOMEWORK!!! Which you probably have too...
    How is CANADA!!!! I autumn being noce??? Is it cold???? I wish I where there... I'm saving my pretty pennys though!!!
    I went swimming at VB on the weekend and it was bloofy beautiful mate (bloody freezing more like it!!!!)
    What's Uni like???? and that's a shirt right?!?!?!?!
    I've been playing glorious Kingdom Hearts and my friends have to literally drag me from the house!!!

    I'm meant to be doing homework right now... how slack, it's 6 thirty pm and I haven't even started!!!!!

    Are you better... I'd send some lemon and honey but quarentine might not approve... though I'll send you some goodies!!!! ANy thing in particular???

    It's getting so hot... it was 20 outside and the girls in my class had the HEATER ON!!!! psyco's!!!!

    Any way got to go (gtg) have some dinner!!!
    I wish to hear the lingo... or read it... or anything from you!!!!
    I LOVE YOU!!!
    xoxoxoxo ect. so on to eternity!!!