Friday, 3 October 2008


At the moment I have been attracted to round things- especially round foods, strangely enough.
So when I went to start on my next sculpture project, I thought I would like to make a quilt that radiates in different fabrics around and around and around until it becomes absolutely huge and incomprehensibly round.

I started making it, and now I feel like it is too "craft" and not to mention eighties "rah-rah" for me. So I am going to put it away for another time and start on something a little simpler.

I have a modernist space project in painting at the moment and I wanted to paint a pomegranate. So this is my precursor/study before I do the actual thing. I am pretty disappointed with the glass of water, but I think the fruit worked out well I think. It is on the smallest piece of canvas board they had at school, it's like 4" x 6".

I went on a long walk to Mile End the other day and walked down Clark Street, which is a Road With No Rules. All of the houses are painted wacky colours and nothing makes sense- which is true of the whole of Montreal actually.

I thought these houses were totally wonderful.


  1. I was just thinking how good that glass of water is! I really like it. And that street looks amazing. Round things are fun.

  2. Hi Ruby, whats wrong ith the glass of water? it looks fantastic from where I am sitting. Love you honey gotta gotta speak soon! maybe tomorrow morning. Got another performance tonight. Its a great show sweet and weird. xxxmumsy

  3. Montreal looks beautiful. I love finding new blogs from gorgeous places. Thanks for your sweet comment, 100% homemade would beat 100% thrifted but I think I'm more of an editor than a creator.

  4. I envy you for your craftiness. I wish I could do more stuff like that. I also think the houses look lovely!

  5. Hi Ruby,
    This is Rose, I work with your mum. Your blog is a wonderful work of art!! I love all the little itty bitty things you do and obviously talent is rife throughout the household, as I saw your gorgeous mum in her play last night. It was moving, funny and your mum was so sweet in her role.
    Keep enjoying life, as you do so well!

  6. that water glass is fantastic! dont sell yourself short!

  7. Those houses are adorable!

    And a round fetish? How exciting! I find random inspirations always to be the most fun :P

  8. I love the pomegranate piece. I actually like the glass of water :D

    Also, your quilt is very appealing - I think it has a lot of potential :D