Sunday, 5 October 2008

Picket Line Sista

So I am sick again!

That's what I get for moving to a place that is really really cold.

Cori and I were listening to Marvin Gaye last night as I was painting, and suddenly I just had one of my urges to do a bit of performance- so I started painting a moustache on my face, followed by a full, manly beard.

Here I am on my bed "Come On Come On Come On Come On."

And here is the revised version of my pomegranate/glass painting, only with a pair of turquoise gloves as well!
I don't know about the cream wall, I'm probably going to do something darker. I think it's funny the way you can make preparatory studies of something and end up liking them better anyway- even if you spent one million years on the second one.

I love you like meat loves salt.

Love, Cordelia

P.S Who Loves MY SO CALLED LIFE more than life itself?



  1. Your revised painting is spectacular - I like the cream wall though, it contrasts nicely with the dark colours of the foreground.

    And I really need to get My So Called Life on DVD already. I reallllllly miss watching that show.

  2. that's a wonderful painting - i wish i could paint. i'm trying to teach myself slowly, but my art teachers seem to want me to stick with what i am good at because of time, or something. also i think that the background would be nice in a deep aubergine colour. also i like the picture of you on your bed, and your hair is amazing, and your beard is hilarious!!