Thursday, 14 March 2013


I don't really like it when people use the word "cute" too much. Sometimes I feel like when people describe my paintings as cute, they are not taking them seriously and worse, when they call me cute they are not taking me seriously.

The other day, my Dad gave me his old iPhone because mine was stolen. He left all of the photos he has taken over the past two years on the thing. All 2,500 of them. Looking through two years of my life, I couldn't help but think how CUTE we are. I hated myself for thinking it, but it was the way I felt.

I've been thinking, maybe cute isn't such a bad word after all. It's cute that my Dad has been documenting his life through the lens of his phone camera. It's cute that there is a succulent growing in a pink ceramic dog shaped egg cup on our windowsill. It's cute that I pull a sun-in-my-eyes face in almost every picture that exists of me. It's cute that Casper was so squidgy and Steve looked like a baby too.

I have made a Tumblr for photos that I find on my Dad's old phone. It's pretty cute, you should check it out


  1. how sweet- I always think it's kind of fun to take a peek at others' pictures to see what they find memorable. so sorry your phone was stolen!

  2. I use cute all of the time when it comes to children and babies, but don't think I would ever use that on an adult. But that is a cute egg cup. And your dress is cute. Oh wait no more cute! My word overkill is amazing, everything is amazing!

  3. Love seeing these older photos of you guys and yep you are all seriously cute. mel x

  4. I love your sun in the eyes face...I pull a similar husband calls it my pirate is definitely not as cute as yours!