Friday, 22 March 2013


My work is all well under way in my studio. I have two days of painting classes at the end of the week, but I haven't been painting at all which surprises me. I am working on a collage project and so far I have made a few explorative works which I really like and I am still hand-sewing my big woollen quilt, which is due after the Easter break.

What I have discovered through using collage to work through ideas is that I really miss it. I used to make lots of collages when I was a teenager, they were always weird ones made from my knitting pattern collection with baby heads and glittery nail polish and cut-out mouths that moved. I really used to love collage but then I shied away from it, maybe because it became really trendy and I just didn't feel like making them was special or interesting for me anymore. 

But now I think I've got my enthusiasm back! I have been making decoupaged eggs which are really good fun, I recommend trying it out. I will wait until next week to share them properly.

DISCLAIMER: Yes, very old knitting patterns were and will be harmed in the making of my artwork. They were moth-eaten and I have thousands of them, these were doubles (or triples)! A pattern collection post is in the works, but I just need to figure out which ones are my favourites (all of them).


  1. Look forward to seeing the eggs

  2. Ah yes I recall your weird collages very well. Good to hear that they're making a come back! x