Monday, 26 March 2007

blowing bubbles...

Hallo old chums! I've been a long time, but I won't apologise. If I write things when I don't want to, they are not usually worth reading! So there you have it!
Today I woke up at 5:30 am- by accident of course! I wanted to go to the Camberwell market, so I made sure I was out of the house by 7:30. But I didn't realise that it was the end of daylight savings, so I was an hour ahead. I wandered down the deserted station ramp and lucky me! The very first tram of the day rolled by me! I got on the tram, hoping to kill 45 minutes or so. It was surprisingly full- I guess a lot of people hadn't been home. I listened to my brother's band The Ships Piano all the way along St Kilda Rd.
Then I wandered around the city- it was cold and only beginning to become light. I walked toward Flinders Street Station and suddenly I heard "RUBYYY!!!" -I looked up, only to see my good friend Tessa! She had been out all night and was waiting for the trains to start up again. By the time I got to Camberwell, it was around 8 o'clock. I began scavenging straight away.
I bought some swap cards- my Dad and I have begun to collect them after a lucky find in Burwood. The two above, I plucked out hungrily after seeing pages and pages of bronzed nineties footballers grinning out from their plastic sleeves.
And then I found the gilded bird (below) inside a really expensive tin that I was going to buy- until I found out how much it cost. I think my disappointment must have been obvious, for the woman gave me the card as a condolence.

And! These fantastic little things! Oh they are such fun to play with! I found this game- "Tops And Tails" perched on a card table, shining in the sun. The only thing is, that there is only ONE piece missing in the whole set. Which really gets me. Nevertheless, they are really a good lot of fun!

This is a tin that I had previously had the lid to, but not the bottom. I found the lid a few years ago at Hard Rubbish, and I always wanted to know what the bottom looked like. When I saw it on the table, I just flipped! I must say, it lives up to its expectations. There are pictures of labeled wildflowers around the sides, and when you turn it, there is a map of all the different kinds of sweet-things that had been packed away in the tin.

Fate had brought me to this golden strawberry apron, for I did not find it at the market! My train home was not coming for 38 minutes- so I decided to walk all the way home from South Yarra (about an hour away). The opp shop was open, and I figured that I should go in for a little look. I found this little gem after a while- I was about to give up. It cost six dollars- the exact amount in my purse and for good measure, my LUCKY number.

I also got some other very good and bloggable items, but I'm sure that I can spread them over this week. Which happily is the last week of school before Autumn/Spring break.
Stay Snailey
Lots and Lots of Love From Ruby


  1. Oh.. i know that you know that i have this tin too! Yippee! Keep up the silvery snaily-ness! Thanks for your kind window words!
    xx pip