Saturday, 10 March 2007

Oh Hamburg!

Well guess what? This is what my dear friend Ricky Ray Ricardo sees every time he opens his bedroom curtains. He is in Germany on exchange and from what I hear, having a terrific time of it! I am so envious of that brilliant ice and snow- think of the layers upon layers of woolies! Speaking of wild and wooly weather, it has been rather nice recently here. Which is exactly my problem. I want rain and fog! I want cardigans and scarves! It IS Autumn after all, it's not too much to ask... but the sun continues to split through the clouds and dance around, gaily. P.S I don't really mean it- I'm just in need of some chilliness.
I have been rejuvenating my 'cyclops' brand children's pram and hopefully should be finished by tomorrow afternoon. I will show some pictures soon!
And just-then my Father walked through the door bearing gifties! Oh he brought me the most marvelous box of swap cards that I have ever seen and now I will go up to my room, which isn't tidy and gaze for a few minutes before nodding off. I don't fancy going into the kitchen to fetch the camera, because there is a sinister-looking spider pressed against the wall, and when I go for a glass of milk I am reminded of her (or him).
Goodnight Sillies!


  1. Oh! But what's there to be afraid of with spiders?

    It is beautifully warm here, almost like summer, but sans hay fever.

    What a thoughtful present!

    Now I shall e-mail you!


  2. thats right ruby, you drink your milk.. i will bide my time. also, i am just sitting on rickys window sill and bouncing on his bed and going through his draws and hiding in his closet waiting for him to come home from german school. i wish that was all true but too-bad here i am actually sitting cross-legged on my bed admiring your blog and missing icky ricky to bits! love from molly xoxo
    p.s thanks for the counselling

  3. oh Hamburg!! oh Ruby !!
    oh Molly!! oh my!
    another thing, you are fantastic!
    ive decided i would like to take some photos of everyday german things and send thm to you, and maybe you could include them in your next blog.. you serial blogger you.
    love anonymous blog poster..