Wednesday, 7 March 2007

hullo there!

It seems that I have a new new brand new friend! Her name is Wandering Wendy, because she follows me around! I really wished that I had found one of the longed for Betsy Wetsy Dolls of my mother's childhood (her baby sister had one, but she didn't) but I love Wendy AND her poly-plastic blend frock.

Here she is, perched on some bricks in my garden. I will have a splendid time making her lots of new dresses!
Molly and I had gone on an expedition to Nunawading and decided to drop in at Heather Shimmen's hometown on the way. It looked as though fate had spouted a golden stream of niceties down upon us on our routine-second-visit to the epilepsy opp shop in Blackburn. I found a wonderful bouquet of dolls dresses from mid-century Australian Suburbia and some little postcards from Geraldton. 1944.

But then! Molly and I had a little cherry tart from 'Bonjour Du Paris" *ahem* that's Hello Some Paris. And we waltzed past the opp shop window once more for good luck, and who was staring with candy-eyed intent? One Wandering Wendy!
I knew that she was something that I needed and to deny her to myself would be a form of self-harm.
And that's how she was welcomed into my family.
stay sweet!


  1. She's kind of scary, I think...Good finds at the shop shop shop, though :)