Monday, 26 March 2007

Brightest Flamingo Face

Inspired by Meet Me At Mike's post about a certain somebody, I decided to make my own.
This is Molly, of whom I am very proud, wearing a shining blue ballgown that was found in a secret place. It is her seventeenth birthday present.
Somebody has hand-worked this dress, probably for their daughter to wear to a dance... but not a hop. It fits Molly like a glove, and right now it is hanging in my wardrobe because it is too precious to be transported by train. We are waiting for my Dad to drive us around in his rusty pink wagon.


  1. oh! i wonder if yuuu love meeeei as much i as eiiii love yuuuu! rightio, it is almost time for artclass where we can chatter with dentures, suckle on wall paper and just have a flinstone time. i want to watch cartoons. i love you baby blue. p.s, why did you put that long-necked photo of me 1?!?!?!?

  2. Hey Ruby!

    How the heck did you find me in cyberspace!!!?

    Hope all is smooth sailing sis, look forward to seeing ya soon.

    Rick x

  3. oh.. i never knew a girl like YOUSE before... you two are the bees knees.. the cats pyjamas.. and of course the royal icing on the red velvet cake.
    xx pip

  4. Ruby,

    Twas jolly good seeing you on Saturday! Hope you had a good night.

    What's you email address?

    Rick x