Sunday, 28 September 2008

For Someone

Right now, at this moment in time, I am so content. I made some New Orleans French Bread and it's pretty wonderful.
I have been to the museum again today, but alas, when I climbed the crumbling steps to the top of the hill, I discovered that it is closed on Saturdays. So I sat on the top step and drew some of the surrounding architecture and the door bell, which was ornate and almost blackened with deep rust.

I made this dress, it is scaly and violet and I really can't wear it without coloured stockings!
I wore it to the Yves Saint Laurent show at the Musee Des Beaux Arts and I had a comment about how it was reminiscent of a scale dress from YSL in the 60s. I'd never thought about that before, but I just nodded enthusiastically and said "Ah oui!".

I received a parcel last night, when I came home to get an umbrella before going to a lovely party at Jenni and Emilia's house. It is a tiny deck of cards from Grace and Dinah! Thank you! (if you are still reading)

I am going to another party tonight, but home to bed early, as last night I didn't get to sleep until 6 am! But I had a wonderful walk home along Avenue des Pins, The entire length of the road is dotted with dilapidated mansions and lush greenery. Oh my goodness.

I can't believe I am here.

I promise to make a post about the fantastic colours- no wonder they call it Fall here, I now realise I've never experienced a true Autumn.


  1. I love your skirt here too and the deck of cards is really adorable.

    Hope you have/had a smashing time at the party :D

  2. My scaly violet Ruby it's Zoe!!!
    I "surf" your blog every day but never leave comments! Then I remembered that I could! I'm not very computer savvy but this is goddamn facile.
    I went past Floraville on the tram today and thought of you and I began writing you a letter, so it should be on its way to Summerhill Avenue soon!
    I am always thinking of you,
    Don't party too hard you wally x x x

  3. What a beutiful skirt!

  4. Such a lovely and nicely written post :) That dress looks really pretty, and I really like the tights too.

  5. Every time I visit your world Ruby, I'm struck by how 'novel' your world seems. I mean that it has a fairy tale quality, of a ingenue making her way in the world and doing beautiful things along the way. Should you ever pen a novel of your days, it may just become the "What Katie Did," for the next generation. Love xxx

  6. this reminds me that i have a teeny housewarming present for you that is sitting next to me on a shelf, waiting to be posted across the ocean.

    e-mail me your address?