Friday, 26 September 2008


Okay so I have been very busy at the moment with lots of things, so I thought I would do a sweeping overview to sum up the last couple of weeks.
School has been amazing- I have made so many great friends and I adore all of my classes and my teachers. Last night I had sculpture class and my first project was due. We had to make multiple sculptures- anything we wanted, so I chose to make a bouquet of tiny dresses. I made 21 all up, and they looked so cute together that I couldn't help but spiral them around and snap a quick photo before school!

I found a dead chipmunk in the lobby of my building. It had been spotted alive earlier in the day by my flatmate, and we think it may have fallen down the stairs. I decided to take a picture of it- I hope no-one reading this is offended, I was so strangely drawn to it, I wanted to take it upstairs and put a green ribbon around its neck or something.... anyway it had these spooky open eyes and it was the first chipmunk I ever saw.

I have been working on artwork for Ships Piano's new EP 'Acrobats Tumble', and this is a peek at the back cover track listing.

AND I bought these amazing 90s Drag Queen shoes in the plateau, even though they are too small for me! I'm going to put them on ebay as soon as I figure out how to use it, as a sort of experiment in selling on the internet. I just want to wear them with hot pink tights and a sunflower mini dress!

In drawing at the moment, we are focussing on line work, which I am really enjoying. This is one of the studies from my museum trip the other day.

And tonight I am going to the Jupiter Room with my friend from Costume History, Ariele.




  1. Hello!

    Sounds like a most lovely week. Your teeny dresses are the cutest. The chipmunk is kinda spooky but also kinda cute, almost like a soft toy.

    The back cover of the Ships Ahoy EP has me yearning to see the front - I bet it's divine :D

    PS. I hope you're feeling better!

  2. i've never seen a real chipmunk!
    even their name is adorable : )

  3. Hi there-these little dresses are just adorable! poor little chipmunk :-(

  4. oh the squirrelll !! so fab !!

  5. poor chipmunk. i see them running on the lawn in the front sometimes.