Thursday, 4 September 2008

High School Confidential

Yesterday I started University! The title has nothing to do with anything except that HSC is my favourite teen-age movie of ALL TIME. Of before time.
I took painting yesterday and it was fantastic, we got homework and everything- next week we are making stretchers which should be fun. Oh I love all of the attractive people at my school as well, GOD they are all so beautiful, and everybody rides good bikes- I'll have to take mine down for a spin.
I have only four classes a week and three days of classes- they aren't even full days either! However, because I am taking mostly studio subjects, I am expected to spend 6 hours per subject out of class in the studios at school, which is absolutely fine with me!
Tonight I have a class that goes until 10:30 pm. it's okay because I live just up the hill from the Visual Arts building, but imagine if you had to go home from school at that time and you lived really far away!
I am trying to get some sewing done but I am just sitting here on the computer, going on cool websites and pretending that I am rich!
I have to go, my Sculpture class starts in 4 hours...


  1. that's so exciting! i move to edinburgh university in a week and classes start 22nd. i'm petrified, but i can't wait.

  2. oh, it'll be the same story, me speaking to a lot of scottish people. at least it's the same language! i always used to be one of those little kids who could immediately make friends on holiday...let's hope those skills don't fade with age.

  3. I know! It slays me how I can't just walk up to someone and say "hi."

  4. Ruuuby, life over there sounds perfect. Yes take your bike in tomorrow and run the others off the road. J.C Higgins looks like a good friend. I'm so happy for you mate. Oh! Check ma blog there's a surprise up for you.

  5. dumb mother fucker!
    post some more blogs i want to know every little detail about whatsss going onnnnnnnn
    (laura sabine)

  6. haha don't peer pressure me across the world!!!

  7. haha chocolate scissors.

    im listening to sams town now : )