Sunday, 31 August 2008

Twin Dresses

So I made two of these gorgeous dresses and they are going up in the shop tonight!
My secret wish is that someone will buy them for a set of twins. That would be amazing.
They are ideal for 6-7 year old, but will have enough room for the bean-shoot stage (when the child grows up and not out!) so they could be worn until the hem gets too short.

I'll be making some grown-up dresses and skirts over the weekend, so they'll probably be up next week.
I'll be putting a button on here for etsy, but until then the shops name is rubymay, Like me!

a bientot!


  1. aaaw they are utterly adorable!

  2. they are very cute.

    sorry but i dont know any twins.
    any - how weird is that.

  3. Well done, they are really lovely!!

  4. Oh RUBY! You are lovely and Molly is lovely and why don't you write a little post for my blog about CANADA and you can be our far flung correspondent! Would you? And Molly can write a post from YARRAVILLE and she can be our near flung correspondent! And one day far flung will see near flung and it will be flung flung flung! DO it!

  5. So divinely adorable. I must check out your dresses for big girls too, I shall be patiently waiting...

  6. So adorable and fresh. You are so good!

    P.S. I have been thinking of cutting my hair shorter. It takes ridiculous amount of time to keep it healthy, and I so agree about everyone growing fringes *lol*

  7. How lovely! I wish I knew a child that age just to buy these for!

  8. Adorable... This makes me wish I had children and could buy them cute dresses like that! pretty, pretty, pretty.

  9. Gosh! The dress is awesome!! How I wish i could wear it(:
    You are so talented!