Friday, 29 August 2008

Running Away- Step 5

I have been exploring this amazing city ever since then. I love it here, it's a wonderful place with no rules. There are cracks in the footpath and flowers growing on the side of the road and a big Mountain in the middle of the city.
I went to the Plateau and walked around, looking at the beautiful streets with staircases running in colourful vortexes dwon onto the path.
Cute boys on bicycles, with loaves of bread in their arms. Gorgeous girls wearing floral dresses and leather boots speaking Quebecois quickly to each other.
Cornflower blue trains that run on rubber wheels and Metro stations with zany seventies tiling.
I love this place.


  1. hello ruby! welcome to your new home. could you pls send me an email - bollewangenhaptoetATgmailDOTcom - (rather than leave a comment) so that i can email you back with our phone number etc.

    x Amelia

  2. sounds beautiful.

    ive never seen men on bikes with bread.

    i have only seen a few episodes of skins so i dont know what happens with cassie.
    she is quite strange though.

  3. hello ruby, i've just read your running away posts and i'm so happy for you. i almost feel weepy, and have one small pinprick of envy. take care and have lots of fun in the meantime. if you ever do want to speak to me from across the big pond - rather than across a hemisphere - let me know and we can swap numbers.
    much love

  4. What an amazing adventure! Montreal looks like such a brilliant place, I'd love to go there one day. I might stowaway in somebody's suitcase at the airport. I'm small and I love giving people surprises. Hope your doing well and enjoying the sunshine :D

  5. Sounds so lovely. I really never get tired of exploring a city, must come from living in the countryside for such great lengths of time. A city seems in constant change...