Sunday, 31 August 2008

J.C Higgins

Last week, I bought a bike from this guy in Rosemont, which is a sort of industrial suburb out of the plateau. It is so gorgeous and surprisingly great to ride. You'd think it would be a little bit jaded, but really the only thing wrong is that there is a slow leak in the front tyre, which I only have to regulate every couple of rides.

I picked it up from this big old Montreal double-storied house, with a winding staircase coming down onto the footpath and little Quebecois children playing outside in the street.
I rode it home along the highway, there are bike tracks running parallel to most main streets here. It's so great to be able to get places super fast, because although I love the metro, it is rather expensive and I have to wait a while to get my concession card. So until then I will zoom everywhere!

This is a picture of the chest that I got for free yesterday. Cori and I went to the plateau to pick up some furniture and then caught a cab home, with all of these drawers sticking out of the boot!
I have set it up quite nicely. It's good to have somewhere to put all of my books (I've made friends with the man from the second-hand bookstore).
And that lamp is the one I was talking about earlier. I have two of them, they are absolutely stunning.

I have been making little dresses out of paper as well. The green one is la robe de bouillon and the brown one is a weird truffle wrapper that I found in the hallway.


  1. what an adorable bike! it has so much old fashion charm about it (:

  2. Oh I've always wanted a bike like this. My Mr is really into biking and has tried to get me to ride with him. I however refuse to get into Lycra and insist that i only ride something like this in a gorgeous dress and carry flowers in the basket.

  3. Wow, amazing bike. Old bikes kick ass - I've got an old Triumph 'Palm Beach' that a mate and me found on hard rubbish day, it's the best! It even has an old cracked leather saddle, I can't believe someone would have thrown it out! Your one is amazing - the 'majestic' two-tone saddle is rad.

  4. Hi Ruby, I love pushbikes too. I don't have a majestic but I do have an oldie that's very similar.