Thursday, 28 August 2008

Running Away- Step 2

When I was in New York, I stayed at my friend, Celine's house with her family in the East Village- it was a really cool place, they had so many animals (dogs, cats, turtles and a parrot called Bart) andd we just spent the days walking around and seeing what there was to see.
I went to see the Witch Hats play at the Cake Shop, but because I am underage, they had to sneak me in! It was an amazing scungy undergroud bar, with a cake and record shop above. The played a really great set- the stage was at the end of a sort of sloping black concrete basement/hallway.
We went to a bar two blocks away afterwards, where I was pulled up by the bouncer and carded. I was explaining that I really didn't have any i.d, when this guy from another band said "Oh it's cool, she's with the band." The bouncer just smiled at me and let me in.
There was a big fight out on the street and we all went to see what was going on- the police were standing around while these guys wrestled drunkenly across the footpath. I caught a cab home and watched the shining lights of the city from the backseat.

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