Sunday, 10 August 2008

The Big Apple

So I am writing this from New York, I spent about three days in transit- one night spent in a hotel room in Bangkok with a bed big enough for a family of five, and the next on the floor of the United airlines lobby in LAX.
I have had such a nice time- I am staying with my friend Celine and her family in the Village and it is so hot and green here right now!

I have spent quite a bit of my time in Central Park and the Upper East Side- I even walked past the apartment that my family and I stayed in last time I was here- which was at the end of Winter! New York is a very different place in the heat.
As you can see from the pictures, the park is absolutely amazing. It's so lush and green, I could sit there for hours watching everyone loll about. I walked past Strawberry Fields and there were so many people just sitting around playing guitars and putting flowers on the peace sign! It was a very touristy place for me to be!

I will be arriving in Montreal on Tuesday night, but until then, I am happy to be hanging around, just getting a feel for the city. Last time I was here I did a very whirlwind tour and didn't really get to see anything for very long. But now I am taking my time. I went to the Guggenheim yesterday and saw an exhibition on Louise Bourgeous- How amazing! I spent about five hours in there- I like to take my time in galleries- and when I came out, it had been raining and fifth avenue was empty! People started sticking their heads out again when the sun shone through the clouds.
I bought a quilt and a laptop from ebay, so I should be writing from beneath the quilt and from the computer when I next post. Thank you for all of your beautiful comments! I promise when I have the time I'll go back and return each and every one.


  1. ooh, i just bought a quilt at a garage sale. the woman from whom i bought it was in her late 50s and the quilt had been hand-made by her grandmother. it needs some work but it's great. and only $10.

    i'm not sure what canada is like but a rampant consumer culture and throw-away mentality here = fantastic second-hand wares.

    x Amelia

  2. hello my dear, this is so exciting!! new york looks beautiful (london is HIDEOUS at the moment) and lush, enjoy your stay.

  3. Hello! I love your blog, it's so wonderful.

    New York looks so nice and warm not like freezing cold Melbourne. I'm counting the days till spring.

    I hope you have an excellent time!

  4. Geez... sounds nice and warm... it was -3 degrees here last night... I spent my night huddleing in my bed debating whether to get a hot water bottle or not...

    Is that central park??? So green and lush!!!!

    I went to the art deco exibition... with school...
    any way I'll email you NOW!!!

    I love and Miss you every day that you are gone!!!

  5. Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and the pictures are gorgeous too!!

  6. hey ruby ruby ruby
    this is your best baby laura sabine
    i would have emailed you already but i'm waiting til you get to canada so i can ask about the train trip to see whether i want to do the same thing !!!
    i'm so ready to go, i passed up buying a really beautiful dress today because i'm a saving mamma. ahhh also saw a flick (TWBB) with your parents the other night ;) quite by accident and phillipa LOVED IT and she made me feel so happy and sad about you when we were watching the movie and the bit came up at the start with the little baby in the trunk and she made a sound that you would make about a baby and i thought ahrrrrrr thats where rubys baby fetish must come from and i wanted to lean over and tell you but you were in bangkok ....
    central park looks like a park which i'm a bit dissapointed with but i don't know what else it would look like. i will email you australian wednesday to find out all about your great northern train trip.
    ps. get to cafe reggio or tom's resturaunt asap

  7. Manhattan can often rain without warning. Love the park! Glad you got to spend some time there.

  8. RubyRubyRubyit'sZOEZOEZOE!!?!?!?!!?!!
    I found you! Guess how many pairs of socks I'm wearing right now? FOUR!
    It's really very cold. So cold that three layers of (35%) wool won't keep those little tuckers toastie.
    I'm glad that you are safe and warm, and slowly curling around the big apple like a proper snail should.
    I found this silly lolly shop full of foreign, novelty treats and I've just been eating 'Junior Mints' in homage to the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer drops one in the body of a man during open surgery, and in honor of you, my love. So cruise up to the closest convenience store, pop a packet open, and think of me.
    I miss you and love you very much x

  9. hurry up and update sluzzy... i need a hit of snaillyblogtime x

  10. hello Rubicans,
    mandy here. What a lovely blog you have. You look gorgeous in new york, no wonder why they wanted a photo, I would too. Your mum and I have been doing the aqua medicine at sea baths. Your father and I have been playing abstract cowboys and indian chess. Saw brother andrew last night, perhaps he's seeing Sedaris as I write. Hope he gets in. I hear you have been baking bread and stacking the freezer. I'm in the land of the moving again. Hooray. x

  11. Mon Petit Coco, you made it! Central Park looks beautiful. You'll probably be in Montreal now, i hope everything's swell. Get beneath your new quilt and write soon x