Thursday, 28 August 2008


Hello from the Great North, Dear Readers!
Here I am in beautiful Montreal, writing to you from my new laptop- but not from under my quilt- it's very hot here, surprisingly!
It is very late and I am about to go to bed, but I thought I would write a little note.
Thank you all for your messages, I will be online officially-properly-allthetime from tomorrow, so you can expect replies to all of them!
I am going to be putting sopme stuff in my etsy shop tomorrow night, because I am sewing like a maniac!
Also, I will be putting millions of pictures up, to make up for my lack of internet presence lately!
So goodnight and sleep tight!
This is my new bed and my amazing pink silk pillows with embroidered phoenixes (plural?) on them that I bought at St Mark's Thrift Shop in NYC- don't you think they are beautiful?



  1. The pillows are beautiful and I love how you've arranged your photographs!

  2. Soo pleased you're having a fantastic time-those pillows are gorgeous!!

  3. oh ruby! this is so amazing, i'm incredibly excited for you! and yes, your bedroom getup is beautiful.

  4. Montreal is one of my favorite cities! Matter of fact I wrote a post about going to the Jazz Fest there. You should read it, I'm sure you will enjoy it :)

    By the way, your room is so cute and girly!